Restoration of Casa Bernal

This competition originates from a joint participation process of the inhabitants of La Pobla de Vallbona. Through various stages of meeting and debate, the best way to give new life to the building was identified. The idea was simple: to continue the effort and sustained participation of the various actors and active members of the community over the past years. This project represents the recovery and preservation of historical and cultural heritage, the ‘reconquest’ of Casa Bernal, and its full reuse for the new demanded uses.

The Plaza Bernal is an urban intervention whose main objective is to revitalize and transform a private interior space into a public space. Through a simple yet bold intervention, the goal was to turn this forgotten and degraded space into an attractive square, a landmark, and a meeting place for the community.

The main proposal involves the creation of a SUPPORT STRUCTURE:

To provide shade in the courtyard, the creation of the protection element was proposed, with fabrics held by tensioners, thus giving significant value to the architectural response and providing symbolic value.

Inside the building, various spaces have been proposed that workshop participants have identified as necessary. On the ground floor, a spacious exhibition hall, a versatile multi-purpose hall, a cozy cafeteria are highlighted, and on the first floor, two study rooms, a research center, and a special events room (Cortina room). Additionally, the building will host other support spaces such as bathrooms, two entrance halls, spacious balconies, among others.

A distinctive and integrative element of this ensemble is the scenic space of the square, which includes a covered area referred to as the «support structure.» This structure houses a semi-covered space for the placement of a stage that allows various uses according to the needs of the moment.

2000 m2
La Pobla de Vallbona